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Update 5th Feb 2022

The Injections (are not vaccines, not inoculations)..

In this update we see that these already proven-as-unacceptably-harmful injections of undisclosed formula with largely unknown consequences are still finding innocent victims in some parts whilst generally going nowhere further. Even with no liability to anyone other than the victims. Even with endless taxpayer liabilities to fund the endless promotion on every controllable and patently immoral media. Even with mandates to coral the sheeple into their injection pen.

The links to just a few of the startling revelations remain here for assessment, but so far the media cartel remains too busy with the endless fear mongering push for jabs to even bother setting more of the freely given money to further empower their troll divisions..

The verifiable chart below shows that South Africans have indicated a general disrespect for endlessly corrupt and generally distrusted authority. This distrustful attitude has translated into a broad-based behaviour that has produced the natural (and only) form of historical herd immunity. Actually this has largely come about via the private mini-bus system of mass transit that threateningly gained concessions for as near to business-as-usual as was discernable. That combined with the absurdly idiotic belief that rags over the mouth will prevent transmission. In South Africa it is tribal-style intimidation that still rules, unlike the 1st world hierarchical society sectors that are split by ordained income levels. Then all are subjected to division by the grip of a financially burdensome ‘marketing’ mind controlling, media-driven indoctrination for the feeding of ongoing material desires. Not to mention the increasing distancing from religion. All of which constitutes the essential ingredients for an unfortunate form of seemingly sustainable capitalism.

Good and bad in both according to the extent and effectiveness of the power accessed by whoever is steering and, of course what is the purpose of the major players.

Moral unity is a powerful strength, but a great deal of money can easily buy a seemingly greater strength that has no regard for morality.

And as is plain to see – this is an endless war about the survival of any durable morality.

Now the lawmakers show that they have also been usurped by the money-power.

The ongoing moral fibre of the historians will no doubt be the most important, in these increasingly political and elitist times.

5th Feb 2022 – Proudly South African

Not to worry, the captured media cartel have no intention to allow any truth to be revealed because they are so consumed with causing meaningful damaging of our mental health. Their complicity in mass murder is already well documented and their crimes against humanity are assuredly without consequence as the tyranny of totalitarian progress continues its accelerating.

The Cases per million..

The charts have been updated, for what it is worth. Unfortunately comparisons between charts do not hold much water and leak. They are replete with contradictions and quite nonsensical. Clearly there is still broad based data manipulation afoot. The Omicron variant is given as the cause of the increase in cases. What is not certain is whether any symptoms are involved and how many cycles are used for the PCR tests (that are no longer approved for the purpose of identifying a virus). On the other hand: what is known is that all authority has been usurped for totalitarian control purposes and, along with the media cartel, no authority can be trusted. Now, the South African media are once again harmonizing the song of lies that the fake virus is yet again causing a surge of concocted fatal cases, so as to promote more sales of the proven-as-gambling casino injections.

5th Feb 2022 – Proudly South African

Not to worry, the instant and highly selective ban on travel will prepare people for more instant decrees that will also intentionally do more harm than good. Tyranny comes about in intentionally mysterious ways.

The Deaths per million..

Excess deaths are those that are more than the 5-year average before the virus came along. While South Africa’s official accumulative death toll due to Covid is just over 90,000 the number of excess deaths during the pan(dem)ic-driven measures is 275,000. During the week to Nov. 28 just 174 deaths were officially attributed to the respiratory disease.1

In effect this means that assuming all official Covid deaths are part of the excess deaths, then for every death attributed to the disease there has been 2 deaths due to the unprecedented, ill-advised lockdown measures and as a consequence of the now proven-as-excessively-dangerous trial injections.

There has been readily available and known treatment that has been intentionally banned by the captured and patently murderous authorities. Where used correctly such treatment has been almost 100% successful.

In effect this means that all excess deaths have been and still are avoidable because they have been and still are the consequences of malicious intent. Meanwhile the ongoing official denial of the readily available alternative treatments and the ongoing pursuit of the proven-as-ineffective-and-dangerous injections as being a panacea, effectively cements South Africa and all similar nations into a totally avoidable syndrome of an ongoing slaughter, being the ignorantly mandated and soon to be enforced, the absolutely inexcusable mass murder of its own people for profit.

The chart for deaths is still not making much sense. Look at the data from the mighty US of A and their tribal clone for elites called Israel. A clearly intentional act of converting deaths from injections into supposed deaths from Covid. There has been a recent surge in the use of the word “coincidence” as a blanket cop out for denial. Some say that the henchmen of the global pharma gods control and corrupt the key players in order to ensure their river of billons just keeps flowing. The purpose is facilitated by ensuring that HCQ and Ivermectin remain permanently outlawed (for absolutely no independently verifiable medical reason) in order to permit the ongoing approval-for-trial and mandating and price-gouging profiteering of the proven-as-unacceptably-dangerous jabs, with no liability to anyone other than the woefully uninformed victims.

In order to prepare for the generating of evidence that the jabs work the official treatment for cases with symptoms has been to send them home with no treatment at all. This allows for mild cases to recover and develop natural immunity but more important it allows for the susceptible to develop severe symptoms before being returned to the isolation-and-treatment centre. The treatment is then a cocktail of too-little-too-late and most all such cases have been intubated and become death stats. Then when the jabs were rolled out the deaths from the jabs are converted into pre-existing conditions or from breakthrough Covid but most often categorised as “coincidental”. Once people become liars it gets much easier for them. They are kept in the circle by the myopic (fake) mantra of “for the greater good”.

The Real Anthony Fauci

The capture of the WHO has been Bill’s greatest coup out of all the Fauci assisted key appointments. It must be a “coincidence” that this denial of valid alternative treatment is only the case in the worst performing nations. These failing nations also appear to wallow in an endless economic mire of ineffective, draconian, contagion-avoidance attempts (that clearly do far more harm than any good as explained earlier).

In order to keep the river of death flowing, natural immunity has been effectively outlawed along with all alternatives to the jabs. Even vitamin C is somehow suspect. The intention is to achieve 100% impairment of natural immunity by the totally evil enforcement of the money-making, genocide-assisting jabs. How cool is that, not. Better go back to watching the big game on TV now. Comfortable ignorance is still the most popular truth-avoidance and mental-illness-management tool.

5th Feb 2022

Effective counter measures to the democracy-destroying totalitarian entrenchment would require a counter-totalitarian strike force with a hierarchy of targets for rapid elimination. But where there is no will there can be no hope.

1 Source data:

Appended 23rd March 2022..

Never Forget How The Corrupted System Conned Us All – And Continues To

And in South Africa They Want their Pet Gravy Train to Continue For Ever

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