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Updated 19th November 2021

Blind faith only needs poor vision and an adopted (typically indoctrinated) belief system. Rational faith is typically very healthy for individuals and communities whilst blind faith exposes the irrational believer to potentially lethal abuse.

The Science of Mind Control by Indoctrination: Many people default to trusting socially accredited experts. They trust that the government, and its many branches, will always try to act in their best interests. Holding this view requires much less energy and causes much less stress than being critical. It’s essentially an avoidance strategy and a bias for humans to seek a state of comfort and energy conservation. Also, information targeting our stem brain and instincts travel much faster through society than information that requires our neo cortex. So once somebody instills fear in a group, that group will not respond to rationally presented information, especially if it, or its source has been vilified by the default trusted sources. If the trusted source displays or condones hatred towards an opponent then the conserved energy within the faithful will be unleashed.

21st November 2021

The Charts: The data shows that in South Africa the injection campaign continues to struggle, but the charts below show that their infection and death rates have fallen so low that the fight was clearly won a while ago. Meanwhile the better performing nations for injections seem to be losing it. This observation is supported by the fact that in a recent study by Harvard researchers, published in the European Journal of Epidemiology, it was discovered that, looking at statistics around the world, “there appears to be no discernable relationship between percentage of population fully vaccinated and new COVID-19 cases…” The researchers then delivered a brutal body slam to conventional (political) thinking by revealing that “the trend line suggests a marginally positive association such that countries with higher percentage of population fully vaccinated have HIGHER (emphasis added) COVID-19 cases per 1 million people.”

Humanity can only hope that it is not these injections that are preventing the herd immunity (and thereby perpetuating the circulation of the virus whilst creating a lucrative dependence on experimental boosters), but that is exactly what appears to be happening. The perpetuation of the “pandemic”. The consequences will impact everyone. The guilt also lies with the blindly faithful perpetrators of this now obvious non-accident, including those employers that are mandating compulsory experimental injections on pain of dismissal when tests for natural immunity are readily available. Meanwhile the appropriately qualified medical authorities (that are not yet controlled and silenced by the pharmaceutical cartel) try in vain to get their message out about how the reckless mass injection campaigns of these inadequately tested products are both spreading the virus and inhibiting the natural ability to fight it.

19th November 2021

India has shown the world how to beat this virus with inexpensive Ivermectin. The media cartel has not printed a word of truth about any of it. This should cause people to at least question and seek out the truth for themselves. Some have done so, but the vast majority have no intention of ever questioning anything. Even when people with PCR positive tests are told to go home until they have difficulty breathing, thereby denying any early treatment that is essential to avoid the severe stage. Even when the patient is then subjected to lung damage (called intubation) from which no one survives.

In South Africa the media cartel has been stating as a fact that a 4th wave of the pandemic is a certainty, but the same voices have not said a word about the success that has been achieved. No one is standing up and declaring victory, no one wants to congratulate the people for a job well done. Why? Because their masters will tell them what to say and what to do on a day-by-day basis. Why? Because this is not about the greater good of the people; it is about the ongoing transfer of wealth and power from the body of the people to the array of captured individuals that make up the tentacles and head of the pharmaceutical empire octopus. Within this creature of crafted capture are the politicians of the day and the civil service consortiums which are centered upon security and foreign policy. They have been systematically establishing an ease of centralised control of everything in preparation for the handover to the ultimate tyranny of the global totalitarian empire commonly referred to as the New World Order. They have been and continue to rearrange the very pillars of democracy under everyone’s nose, in broad daylight. And, even if anyone cottons on, who are they going to appeal to? All authority is already captured and compromised. There is nowhere to go.

Look at these charts. Can you see the truth? Can you see that the media and authorities lie to you every minute of every day and do so for a very big reason? Can you see why their secret must be kept until it no longer matters? Until it is too late. Until they have all the wealth and all the power and are in permanent control of everything for ever and ever. Do you think they will think twice about the greater good of the people? They have been plotting and scheming and manipulating and corrupting for year after year, generation upon generation. Their only purpose is to establish a Utopia for themselves. Whatever it takes. And the people have bowed and trembled and otherwise corrupted themselves by necessity or purely for personal benefit. The hierarchy of greedy “victims” have assisted them and continue to do so every minute of every day. The controllers could not have achieved their purpose so far without the harnessing of the power of the elements of fear and greed that far too often rots the very soul of human existence. The greatest achievers understand the strengths and weakness of human nature and weave their webs of control within it. But their evil will never sustain through the coming generations if they allow any competition from those that seek what is right, what was once the greater good for all. They will need to neuter their own offspring as well as ensure the servility of the humanoids and bots that they plan to have created in order to sustain themselves on their very own planet that once belonged to billons of their kind, until we were conned into giving it all away.

19th November 2021

Each day the remarkable success stories for India and South Africa are still not being given one iota of coverage by the captured mainstream media alliance. Such a pity that the (usurped) authorities also want to put a blackout on it. One can only surmise that this is so that their reckless mass injection campaigns and related tunnel-vision propaganda can continue without any distraction. A truly evil and undeniable truth, but it gets worse. Intimidation and fear are now being directed everywhere in order to coerce people, including children and those that are pregnant and breast feeding, to have the clearly unnecessary injections, which the evidence increasingly indicates are highly unfit-for-purpose. These injections are also very expensive for the eventual taxpayer and potentially far more harmful than is allowed to be openly discussed, particularly with the damaging and inhibiting impact they are now known to have upon the natural immune system. There is also mounting evidence that the side effects affect the heart, even where nothing is previously recorded; also that it accelerates the progress of any cancer, even where previously undiagnosed. The impact upon fertility is, as yet, just another issue awaiting sufficient evidence. Nonetheless there is a massive spend of someone’s money to force the injections upon pre-pubescents, even though there is official recognition that they are not at any risk from the over-dreaded fake-pandemic virus. This obtuse enforcing desire aligns with the long-standing obsession of Bill Gates (and his eugenics-promoting father) to use injections for the purpose of selective population control, but now apparently minus the selective component.

But will South Africa and India hold onto the gains that have been made now that the injections are being rolled out? Can they continue to beat the latest variant once their natural immunity has been impaired by a growing series of jabs? Will they be told that their only chance will then be to have another jab and another, until they die? To me this appears inevitable. It will not stop until the people make it stop, and this means that many will have to die trying. They will find that their totalitarian governments have been busy preparing for their angry demands for democratic rights and has formed an armed militia to suppress and control them.

Executive Summary: In order to give herd immunity a chance and give hope to any stopping of the drive for ongoing damage, then the useless and harmful injections need to be abandoned. All other imposed nonsense (e.g. killer lockdowns) likewise needs to be abandoned. Doing nothing will result in fewer lives lost in the long run and give hope for the riddance of this overblown virus. Over 95% of cases occur with little or no symptoms but infer natural immunity to those not previously injected. This fact is all that we ever needed to know in order to survive and win. Low cost alternatives in the way of prophylactics and early treatments (e.g. Ivermectin) not only exist but actually work and need to be deployed, instead of mindlessly prevented (so evil). Their use will save countless additional lives, as occurred in India, but still not reported in the captured media (so evil). The evil killing and impairing for profit must be stopped.

As a compromise, whilst the injected choose to keep to the “official” doctrine of inject everyone at their own risk regardless, then existing immunity should be assessed before any vaccination, via an accurate, dependable and reliable antibody test (or T cell immunity test) or be based on documentation of prior infection (a previous positive PCR or antigen test). Such would be evidence of immunity that is equal to that of vaccination and the immunity should be provided at least the same societal status as any vaccine-induced immunity. Alas the greed-driven mind controllers remain as the arch enemy of common sense and fair-mindedness. They are in the selfish business of selling jabs for profit.

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But will Bangladesh hold onto the gains that it has made now that the injections are being rolled out? Even Sweden has been unable to manage that.

The rank-and-file of the greed-driven shareholders are (mostly) unaware of the manufacturer’s commissioning of the effort to both conceal the truth and indoctrinate the general public. The manufacturers are relying on their partnerships with globalist interests to ensure that their captured political and medical authorities comply. With the public purse then funding the captured media cartel they have created and continue to control a blindly faithful force within the public to ensure that the killing and impairing continues. These manufacturer’s have obtained from their political friends their own financial immunity from any damaging consequence of their experimental products. In the longer term the global control wannabees want to see the entrenchment of the provisional capture and controlling of the political and judicial systems as they are transferred into the hands of the intended few. In parallel with this is the completion of the destruction of that part of the economy that sustains the asset poor, as the transfer of wealth to the few accelerates and nears its completion. Any weakness in their Bilderberg / WEF led bully-boy ointment will need all the support that can be mustered to expose and neutralise their secret war against humanity. Awareness of the planned and ongoing evil will never become available via traditional media. The alternative media will need far greater protection against the malicious intentions to silence it. All mainstream media has been captured for years already. Mind control is the cornerstone of their business model. The observation becomes compelling that the awareness, if any, of the vast majority of the victims is far too little and far too late. Now we see in the UK that the zombie MP’s are standing back whilst draconian legislation that establishes a police state is bulldozed into being. The rise of fascist dictatorial bullying can be seen across the western world. None of this is just some casual coincidence. The 70 year history and purpose of the long-secretive Bilderberg meetings is known to be aligned with and formative to the ongoing and clearly organised usurping of western Democratic principles and institutions. The usurping octopus has created a public-private web of elitist-controlled policy creating and implementing obfuscations that employ overpaid puppets. The façade array is designed to be interconnected so that it transmits the omnipotent decrees from the dictatorial core with perfect and immutable efficiency.

The injection campaigns seem to forget that these are unproven medical interventions with many known and unknown side effects that can be very serious. The failure to inform the public adequately can only be described as criminal negligence. But it gets worse. The people are deliberately lied to when they are told that the injections are proven to be totally safe, and that full immunity will be obtained. Of course the unwitting volunteers are not even told that they will be participating in the furtherance of the incomplete and as yet un-assessed trials. The gung-ho charge to inject everyone regardless is now totally reckless and thereby intentionally doing more harm than good, especially to children and younger people who are known to be not at risk from the virus. It is also ignoring the evidence that the natural immunity from the vast majority (that are also not at risk of becoming seriously affected) is all that is required to establish herd immunity and beat the virus and its variants. Variants are known to always be weaker when no mass injection campaigns are involved. But mass injections of these uninhibited product types are also known to create a different landscape that can enable the generation and leaking of more virulent versions. Once again the people that know about these things are being prevented from sharing their knowledge by the combined influences of the pharmaceutical industry cartel, their captured “authorities” and political groups, not forgetting the vital propaganda role of the subservient media alliance and the censorship and narrative controlling role of the left-wing social media brigade.

Proven to be far better than the increasingly limited value of the injections is the natural immunity that is developed from an infection which occurs without need for hospitalization in over 95% of actual cases.

It must be obvious by now that these outrageous campaigns can only be motivated by financial greed. But the control that has been achieved to enable this industrial and ongoing and massive transfer of wealth from the taxpayers to the directors and shareholders has a far more harmful opportunity. The emergency political powers that have been implemented to combat the “pandemic” has opened the door to the entrenchment of totalitarian power and the permanent disabling of democracy. Vile and corrupt desires by any reckoning, all working in thinly disguised unison against the greater good for humanity. See how draconian legislation is being enacted to restrict long established rights and overthrow basic democratic principles of free speech and freedom to protest and protection of personal information such as medical records. Of course you will not get to know what is going on whilst the media alliance continues to be both threatened and paid handsomely from a collection of public purses to work feverishly against all humanity.

All this for a killer virus that has an average age of death above that from all causes and a mortality rate that is no more than a severe flu season, the like of which has been experienced before without any such over-reaction and incredulous mismanagement.

Charts created at..

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SAHPRA is the South African Health Products Regulatory Authority which receives the reports. It states that it never accepts or determines any causality (unless stated) and so no one can ever make any connection between the reports and the product. Meanwhile for the severe adverse reaction of death it states that 104 cases were actually investigated for causality and..

90 cases were found to be coincidental, 50 of which had COVID-19 disease and 2 were a breakthrough infection and..

14 cases were unclassifiable due to inadequate information.

So there we are, nothing to see here. Job done.

The public of the US and UK are able to access the database information for reported adverse reactions. Unfortunately it is stated by the related health authorities that only a small percentage of reactions are reported. They make no effort to investigate for causality or any other thing. This way there is nothing to report and so nothing to hide.

The media are constantly disseminating totally biased propaganda opinion with the clear intent to deceive whilst actively preventing access to the truth or any fair-minded opinion, not even from any independent medical professionals with expertise in virology and immunology. Social media have adopted an authoritarian cancel and de-platforming policy on all content that questions or challenges the mainstream media’s biased and fragile rhetoric.

One small insignificant example is the South African website of Moneyweb which has published endless pro-vaccine articles and censors comments on these to prevent any questioning or challenging of the propaganda. The tentacles of mind control have reached the backwaters of media. And whilst we are still being led to believe that we are free from any tyranny, we are being intimidated and indoctrinated into being both obedient and fearful for the consequences if we are not. The impact upon young minds clearly prepares them for a life of subjugation. A large percentage of adults have clearly succumbed some time ago, many have become devout within their new-found (blind faith) belief system..

Business scruples are seldom going to shine when the prospect of being locked down repeatedly are threatening. They will therefore comply with draconian restrictions whereby they must police their customers for permits to show injection compliance before being regarded as adequately healthy and not to be shunned. This is regardless of the truth that those with natural immunity are the most protected and least infectious ones but without the impairing injections (that do not even prevent infection or transmission) they are not eligible for a permit (injection passport) which also means that they are not allowed to buy a ticket to travel to another country.

In Cape Town recently the annual marathon was allowed to go ahead provided that all participants were first tested for antibodies. Despite its inadequacies, this approach is theoretically less discriminating against those least likely to transmit the infection, being the un-injected but with the natural immunity following recovery from infection. These people have an extended period of protection from their immune system, which is known not to be the case for those that have been injected. If analysed, the results of such large scale deployment of this test should indicate the relative value of not being injected.

Notes on Antibody Tests:

The antibody test determines if your body has developed “binding” antibodies, but it won’t tell you if you are currently infected. You should consider antibody testing once you have fully recovered from COVID-19 or if you believe exposure occurred and you’re several weeks past the quarantine period. It is another convenient-for-control-authority, unstudied speculation issue that assumes that people who have COVID antibodies are supposedly only likely to be temporarily immune and that there is no guarantee even of this, so you should still practice social distancing and wear the personal protective equipment (PPE) that is also speculated to help prevent viral transmission by unknown means. It is difficult to follow the science when there is only convenient assumptions being authorised for dissemination, even when they are discredited by the facts involved. I remember when the same control authorities and the hired media stated as a fact that injections were the only way that immunity could be obtained.

Neutralising antibodies: Not yet widely available, a newer and more sensitive test detects a subgroup of antibodies that may inactivate the virus. This test can be done after you test positive for binding antibodies. It’s another step toward finding out how effective your antibodies are in blocking the virus to help protect you from another COVID-19 infection.

But for the faithful there will always only be the endless injections. Until something that should have been expected happens. Not only that, but there must also be hatred for the devil-worshiping anti-vaxxers. THEY must not be allowed to try OUR patience any further. Do not listen to them. Arrest them and their children. Hold them down, kneel on their neck if you feel like it. Inject them wherever you can and tattoo them with a number. Teach them to be afraid. Let them know that WE own them.

But the truth is suppressed and displaced by the fear-mongering media and even the Lancet has been molested by the corrupted minions and their dishonest ilk, that now swarm throughout the internal passageways of most all authority.

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