Elliott Wave Theory

My numbering method:

This is the unadulterated Elliott Wave numbering / annotation method by subdivision nomenclature. In practice probable times can vary considerably. The annotation designs are partially personalised.

Extensions: Impulse waves have a tendency to extend during herd actions, particularly the 3rd sub-wave. Not much is written about this subject. For the larger order waves my observation is that there is typically (but not always) a higher order corrective transition wave within the 3rd when it is extended. These patterns see 5 waves of lesser order on either side of the transition wave. It is my idea to identify a transition by adding ‘x‘ at the start and ‘y‘ at the end. An indication of the order of the subdivision is also provided. Example: (3)x is the start of a transition where Intermediate wave (3) is seen as extending. (3)y is the end point of that transition. The 3rd wave can typically become stretched on price action without there being any transition wave. In those cases there is usually a containment of the descending orders arranged concentrically towards the centre of the pattern.

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