Sibanye Stillwater – SSW – JSE

24th November

As you were.

24th November 2021

9th November

Most important is to keep an eye on the bigger picture. The retrace to to the 0.618 of wave 1 marker would be the most typical event to expect, but the equal legs target lies at the dotted line. The RSI can easily accommodate further downside.

9th November 2021

Below is the US ADR listing of Sibanye Gold. This version has a gap which will close with a 0.618 retrace of wave 1, making that a magnetic attraction. Equal legs for the retrace lies a little further below at the dotted line. Here again the RSI has plenty to give.

9th November 2021

2nd November

The hourly chart provides an unpacking demonstration within Minute wave [iii] of Minor wave 1. The present situation is seen as the development of Minute wave [i] of Minor wave 3 of the extension of Intermediate wave (3) within Primary wave [3].

2nd November 2021

13th October

In this hourly chart the lower channel boundary is copied and pasted and moved so as to originate from the high following the low of the start of the lower boundary. The divergence also predicts a turning. Whilst an overshoot and pull back to the upper boundary would be expected, it may also fail to come about with the sharpness of the RSI. Minor wave 2, like many 2nd waves is occasionally quite difficult to predict and can extend sideways beyond belief before the market finds cause to release the furtherance of the bullish breakout. Time to assess the extent of any pent up sentiment.

13th October 2021

8th October 2021

The daily chart here gives clear indications of the completion of the correction with equal legs, retrace to the previous lower order 4th wave end point and a divergence of the RSI whilst very oversold. This new bull phase has a target for Intermediate wave (3) at the point where the (3)x(2) leg arrives when added to the price at (3)y.

8th October 2021

15th September 2021

This JSE listed share is seen, on its weekly chart, to be highly volatile. Presently it is completing an Intermediate degree 3rd wave transition into extension.

15th September 2021

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