Steinhoff – SNH, JSE

25th November

The negative sentiment chose to persist and tight stops did the rest, obliterating the suggested divergence. The end of the turkey trot and arrival of the new month bodes well for the upturn, which has the indicated 1st target adjustment for the completion of the 1st primary wave. I am holding and watching for a breakout and test to add.

25th November 2021

4th November

This re-ordered review indicates that negative sentiment has pushed the daily RSI to the oversold zone where support and a positive divergence is presently noticeable. A prospective location to commence accumulation.

4th November 2021
taper caper
Mad Hatter

21st September

This daily chart of SNH describes the progress of the long awaited recovery. However, the possibility of a bull trap with the one-year, equal-legs ABC form is not well hidden and remains very real. If this is put aside then the recovery view has good bullish form with Intermediate degree 3rd wave extensions and currently negotiating a Primary degree 3rd wave transition to extension.

21st Sept 2021
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