The Awful Truth

This is not for sensitive people, children or the comfortably dumb.

This video is part of a series and starts with a brief review of the topics.

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Ukraine missile factory

There is little doubt that Moscow would take the threat of Ukraine secretly going nuclear about as well as Israel treats the possibility of a nuclear Iran.

Attention: All Corrupted Authority..

I don’t want to wear a mask. I don’t want to live in a pod. I don’t want to eat bugs. I don’t want to worship ‘The Science’. I don’t want to have injections every few months. I don’t want to use a central bank digital currency. I don’t want your surveillance or totalitarian control. Go away. I don’t want your evil indoctrination. Leave me alone. And stop messing with everyone’s lives as if you own us all. You are supposed to serve the public and protect them, not allow the controllers of the largest asset owners to enslave them in order to enrich yourself.

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